Sexy texts

Something came up family wise (July 20, p.m.) Jaimee: That’s okay I hope everything is fine … I didn’t pick up on that Tiger: you just need some attention from me Tiger: do you have a boy friend ( p.m.) Jaimee: I don’t even have someone I am dating … u can be my boyfriend ;) Tiger: then I am Jaimee: I wish Tiger: quiet and secretively we will always be together Tiger: when was the last time you got laid Jaimee: if we hang out on a Sundway we can watch desperate houswives again haha (Sept.

would have liked to see you Tiger: We will make it happen Jaimee: I drove out for the night to surprise a friend with a present for there birthday (July 26, 11: 22 p.m.) Tiger: what kind of present your naked body Jaimee: haha no a watch I slept alone Tiger: alone with him that is Jaimee: haha I wish Jaimee: miss u (Sept. 30, p.m.) Tiger: oh god Jaimee: take a break from watching boring old golf Jaimee: I mean the amazing sport of golf ;) Jaimee: [more than an hour later] babe I was kidding Tiger: I know sexy Jaimee: is it orange county time yet? 1, p.m.) Tiger: oh stop :) Jaimee: hahaha I know …

One of the most delicious things about being in a relationship is also one of the most insufferable things to everyone who isn't in that relationship: The rapid-fire exchange of adorable text messages.

Texting makes it easier than ever for couples to out-cute themselves like ever before.

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I need u Tiger: I will wear you out soon Jaimee: how soon? I only watch football Tiger: Figured you would say that. Tiger: [later, in response to Jaimee’s mention of a date who was “full of himself”] you kinda like that for some reason which is weird why you decided on me.So I am more of an analytical person, that’s why you don’t have be one.In this article I am going to illustrate all the 7 types of messages that most of us, are sending or could be sending to our girlfriends.Here are 12 of my personal favorite sexy goodnight texts that go so much further than sexting. "You taste sweeter than a midnight snack."I feel a certain way about ice cream, and if I'm comparing you to ice cream, you know it's serious. Hopefully they'll serve as a jumping off point the next time you're trying to compose your own. "I can't sleep, you're on my mind." Who doesn't love a little lovesick reminder of how much they are adored? "Get in my bed."This playful but aggressive faux-demand is as sexy as it is sweet."4.

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