Shu qi and leon lai dating who is frank the entertainer dating

After her close friends got married and started their own families, Shu Qi finally started questioning her previous beliefs on the irrelevancy of marriage. She was really young back then – she gave birth to me when she was 18 years old. She believed that she wasn’t able to chase her dreams when she was young because she had to raise a child.That’s why my mom thought that marriage will waste your youth and your life away.” Shu Qi initially upheld similar values, but they began to change as she aged.On the other hand, Leon has been leading a low-profile life.Even when his father passed away in June last year, Leon mourned the death privately and his colleagues did not know about it until later in the year.In contrast to her high-profile career, Shu Qi has maintained a very low-key love life.

After Leon and Shu Qi broke up, rumor had it that Leon was dating Tsui Zi San but Galie is actually his rebound girl.

Last month, reporters even saw her going straight to his place after wrapping up her work in Admiralty.

And according to the management personnel at Galie's apartment building, he has not seen Galie coming home much lately.

Last year, he spent several months filming with Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) in Beijing.

As one of the film’s investors, Leon also stars as Emperor Ming.

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