Singapore government speed dating

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Singapore seems to be succeeding at most things, except mating.

For more than 25 years, the Singaporean government has tried to step in to get couples together to overturn the country's record-low fertility rates.

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"With Love Gifts, your single friends and family members can redeem exciting activities and professional dating services by SDNTrust accredited agencies," says the official website, I explained to my students the creative (and often racist) ways in which the Singaporean government has encouraged people to have more babies. “Speed-dating and online dating services, along with an agony aunt called Dr Love.” Somehow all of those awesome ideas didn’t make Singaporean couples want to procreate.As noted in this 2006 article, Prime Minister Lee set up an institution in 1984 called the Social Development Unit (a perfect year to create such an Orwellian sounding agency), which would find innovative ways to get young people to procreate. “Increased financial incentives to encourage bigger families, amounting to cash gifts of S00 (US89) for the first child and savings of up to S,000 each for the third and fourth child.” 2. Tax cuts on maids plus more childcare and maternity benefits. “Offer graduate women with three children priority in securing places at the top nursery schools, an advantage in helping children get ahead at school, university and in the workplace.” 5. So now the government has paired up with Mentos (huh?SINGAPORE -- Andrew Tan, a 36-year-old lawyer, is looking for a wife.He has an unusual matchmaker helping him: the Singapore government, which is trying a novel tactic.

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