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people may assume the woman for him, must be perfect one. Siwon and his future wife), have a good family, maybe in financial or something like the parentage...(is it right word to express ??

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He graduated from Gu Jeong High School in February 2006 and from Inha University in February 2012.First question he asked to the girl is ..."May i know your religion is? Inner beauty not fake but the sincere that Choi Si Won think that it can be seen from her eyes. But also we hope all the best happened in Choi Si Won's life.He always thinking in positive ways, as he ever said this on Arirang monologue with Choi Si Won. And i believe God will help him and guide him to Siwon's soulmate that given from God.On January 24, Super Junior’s Siwon posted a simple picture on Instagram, which merely said, “sorry gorgeous, I’m taken.” The picture has led to much consternation from fans, many of whom have commented on Instagram with a variety of different reactions.Fans have taken to social media and reacted in different ways.

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