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slavick has been a professor of art at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for over 20 years and has exhibited all over the world.

Her previous book, (Charta, 2007, with an introduction by Howard Zinn and essays by Carol Mavor and Catherine Lutz), was a compendium of watercolor drawings depicting cartographic representations of global bombsites, exclusively those rendered by the United States.

In 2008 Karttunen confirmed that she will be back on the floor with Kryklyvyy but the UK Open Championship in 2009 was a huge disappointment for both of them.

The couple finished 6th while the winners were Malitowski and Leunis.

Some show the power that guns wield in our daily realities and personal fantasies.

Organizers wishing to propose clusters are encouraged to read recent thematic clusters published in .

Gun ownership and control is a divisive topic in this country.

The artists in UNLOADED visualize the power of the gun as icon and instrument, the damage it can do and how weapons might be rejected, broken or silenced.

Works by 19 artists touch upon a host of issues surrounding access to and use of firearms, across demographic categories.

They examine and represent the role that guns continue to play in our national mythologies, suicide rates, individual and mass murder, domestic violence, and the militarization of civilian life.

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