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Name: Stewart Roxburgh Date: March 22, 2016, pm Message: Hi Lizzie, you may remember me from my days at Scottish Enterprise in Dumfries. Regards Stewart Name: Annie Hayward Date: February 15, 2016, pm Message: Hi Lizzie I\'ve just read an article about your amazing artistry in the Jan Country Living and I\'m in awe of the poetic beauty you achieve with natures bounty.

I just wanted to say Hi and it was great to come across your name today. One day I hope to own a work to enjoy forever..creating beauty!

I was searching for an old friend Adele Gowrie and discovered that she is a willow artist like yourself. Name: Anne Trentham Date: November 22, 2014, pm Message: I just wanted to say how much we are enjoying your work. Best wishes , Anne Trentham Name: Janet Billingsley Date: April 17, 2012, am Message: It was wonderful to meet after so many intervening years and a great treat to find all your beautiful inspirational work in progress when we visited the Botanic Gardens and to see your installation at Edinburgh Museum.

She and I grew up together in Orlando, in the Conway area, and were really close.

But, as the years rolled by, we really didn't communicate as often (hardly ever).

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