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Use all the great technology and dating innovations now available to meet new people – online dating, meet-ups, social networking, speed dating, mixers and more.2. Makeover Yourself – Most of the makeover you need is probably mental.Say Yes – As a the mother of a 3-year-old, I understand that it feels weird to go out again after you’ve had kids but this time when someone invites you somewhere, say yes. You are sexy, caring, a great match and to snag your next spouse you need to feel good about yourself. Many moms are so over-committed that new partners feel you don't have time for them.Feeling sexy again is the first obstacle to getting back on the dating saddle, but once they’ve overcome that, they don’t know where to look for a new mate. Here are 7 of my top tips for single moms to help new love blossom this Spring.1.Expand Your Social Circle – Many times it is hard to meet new people when you’re waiting for your same friends, co-workers, or churches to introduce you to singles they know.

Mom Co, Free Single mom from San Diego, Jillian Darlington was inspired to start Mom Co after downloading a dating app."I downloaded Tinder and saw the geo location factor and I thought, 'Moms need this more than dating people do.' We've always known making friends as an adult is harder," she told Today Parents.I sent her a text right after and told her I was going to send her a list of hospital essentials. RELATED: 5 Rules For Transitioning To SAHMI dressed myself and my baby in our cutest outfits, all the better to impress our new friend. I had to make a good impression and be on good behavior to make sure she liked me/us. I had never stressed out about making friends before, when it seemed there was an endless stream of co-workers and friends' of friends coming into my circle. That thing you probably did with the father of your children many, many years and diaper changes ago? If dating was a game, I didn't properly read the instructions.But I have found that making mom friends is easier said than done. My bad dating habits carried over into motherhood and my ability to make mom friends.Among the men I am meeting both via online or when out at a bar, I've got single dads, young guys, creepy men, and lifelong bachelors inching their way into my section of the dating pool.The creepy men are an absolute no, and the lifelong bachelors are just as frustrating as they were when I was single, before my divorce.

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