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Without divulging a lot of details, Minnie hinted that there may just be a love interest in her life at the moment, during an interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliffcentral in May."There might be someone,'' she said when asked if she was seeing anyone at the moment.In addition, she revealed that her current beau is someone who she has known for quite a long time."Someone who's actually been one of my best friends, and we decided to move from being friends to being lovers." She further explained that in addition to his good looks, the unnamed boyfriend allows her "to escape and go home and not just be Minnie Dlamini that everyone expects [Minnie] to be," before conceding that he still needs to treat her "like a queen."Whether it's true or not that she's dating Quinton, theres no doubt that Minnie is totally besotted with her new man, who seems like a real keeper.

Panday and his web of companies had secured millions of rand in police procurement contracts‚ which were the focus of an investigation, as well as his links to top police officials.SA Weather forecaster Julius Mahlangu warned of of heavy rainfall in the province on Wednesday that might lead to flooding.“There is a 60% chance of rain across the province.Areas along the coast have received the most rainfall.Booysen and members of the Cato Manor Serious and Violent Crimes Unit were arrested in 2012 on allegations that they had been running a "death squad".They face a litany of charges, including theft and murder‚ specifically of suspects during the course of their arrests.

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