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You don't pay anymore until you attend your first dinner.

But after just 24 hours on it, she had severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

My name is Margaret and I am the proud organiser of the many dinners and events held for A Table for Six Sunshine Coast.

Talk to the residents and holiday makers of the Sunshine Coast and a few of the words you may hear to describe the area are relaxed, sunny, discovery, adventure, diverse and fun, just to name a few.

Green Farms Nut Company (GFNC) has announced key outcomes for the macadamia industry from the annual International Nut Council (INC) conference hosted 19 - in Chennai, India.

Representation from South Africa included macadamia nuts, pecan nuts, peanuts and raisins. At one time figs seemed relegated to bar cookies and Figgy pudding, but today theyre branching out in other consumable applications, from ice cream and salads, to sauces and a rightful place on cheese platters everywhere.

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