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Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith, originally from Toronto, lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children.

He is the chief editor of Aish.com, and also oversees the many educational outreach programs at Aish Ha Torah in Jerusalem.

Join Kathrine at the Bodensee Frauenlauf – one of the biggest women’s run in middle Europe – together with our 261 Clubs from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The course goes along the beautiful Bodensee – just on the triangle of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Had he called you, I have a feeling he probably would have offered an apology. If I’m given sufficient enough heads up, say a few hours, I probably would let it slide.

But keep in mind that he was out with his bros at a bar watching a game. As frustrating as it it to get that call, he was smart to text and not pick up the phone. But if that cancellation occurs while I’m getting ready to meet them, I’m out.

I was a 19-year-old journalism student at Syracuse Uni­versity, and since there was no women’s running team there or anywhere else for that matter, I began training unofficially with the men’s cross-country team.This is an official 261 Fearless Partner event, and Kathrine has been the guest celebrity since it’s inception.She will be at the expo on June 2 & 3 signing the new edition of Marathon Woman, and will be the pre-race dinner speaker at Betty’s restaurant on June 3, and Number 1 hugger on race day, June 4. Kathrine is 1974 winner of the race and last ran it in 1975.She plans to run again, 32 year later, and this time she is running with a small contingent of 261 Fearless charity runners.She was inducted into the New York Road Runners Hall of Fame 2 years ago.

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