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Walker Electronic edition compiled by Ruth Murphy Funded by University College, Cork and Professor Marianne Mc Donald via the CELT Project 2. Extent of text: 19340 words CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of University College, Cork College Road, Cork, Ireland— (2004) (2008) Distributed by CELT online at University College, Cork, Ireland. For the patterns of clergy and of monks are different, and widely distinct from one another. 22) by His own commands, which were revealed by Him to be accomplished in charity and peace. But if he wishes to come, let Waldelenus be prior, since he can quickly, with God's help, reach a settled understanding; but meanwhile beware, lest there be any with you who does not possess one purpose with you, whoever he may be; for we have been more harmed by those who were not of one mind amongst us. You must know that both are real, either hatred or love from their side; peace perishes in hatred, and integrity in love.It is included here as it forms part of Walker's edition. And these, as I have said, will be better maintained by one who is still and sees that God Himself is Lord’’(cf. Let none disparage the benefits of silence; for unless they grow lax, the secluded live better than the social, except for that still stricter life which has the greater reward; for where the battle is more stubborn, there is found a crown of higher glory. Gregory, they are not credited with private virtues who do not avoid notorious ills’’(Greg. Pray pardon my verbosity and presumption as I toil beyond my strength, most long-suffering and holy fathers and brethren all. Farewell, Pope most dear in Christ, mindful of us both in your holy prayers beside the ashes of the saints, and in your most godly decisions following the hundred and fifty authorities of the Council of Constantinople, who decreed that churches of God planted in pagan nations should live by their own laws’’(cf. Do you and all that are wholly mine observe these precepts; and for the sake of unity and humility, however many you be when Christ increases and multiplies your numbers, let all have regard to him who ministers to God beside the altar that was blessed by the holy bishop Aid. In particular Neil Wright, in his article 'Columbanus's Epistulae' in Lapidge 1997 (see no. For the rest, fathers, pray for us as we also do for you, wretched though we be, and refuse to consider us estranged from you; for we are all joint members of one body, whether Franks or Britons or Irish or whatever our race be. To his most sweet Sons and dearest Disciples, to the careful Brethren, to all his Monks together Columba the Sinner sends Greeting in Christ. With Him may the Trinity grant you these three gifts, and preserve them amongst you with my prayer. We ourselves know that we have received the Lord's word with gladness and enthusiasm; let us beware now lest we be short-lived. Thus do you be wiser; I do not wish you to undertake so great a burden’’(cf. For let those who have preserved my sentiment, so serve God, always electing for themselves the wiser and more godly, provided they be humble and compassionate.

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