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The 2017 edition of the KCCO Team Rubicon tee has arrived.

The American Flag front print graphic is looking sharper than ever on a brand new military green blank.

As always, a portion of proceeds benefits Team Rubicon and their Veteran-led disaster relief efforts. That’s right, shirts, hats, drinkware, outerwear, EVERYTHING. We don’t think it matters what party they run under, a ballot with those names is hard to beat.

A stronger magnetic field deflects more cosmic rays away from the Earth.

Also, the Genesis flood would have greatly upset the carbon balance.

This means engaging "the ancient religions" and philosophies of Asia, "most of them older than Christianity." Indeed, "in some parts of Asia, Christianity is perceived as alien to Asian cultures," Tagle said.

"Some especially extremist and fundamentalist parts of Asia would say that Christianity would even harm or destroy our Asian ways of being human." Evangelization, Tagle said, means having to ask "the hard question: What happens when the other party does not welcome dialogue?

" "The church in Asia is asked to encounter peoples in their concrete cultures" where "attitudes and value systems emanate," the cardinal said.

, the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World.

"Some people, even up to now, 50 years after the [Second Vatican Council], are still asking the question, 'Why does the church bother with the world? "Should not the church focus itself on strictly spiritual matters? "Why would the church become mundane by talking about the political world, the economic life of countries, the environment, peace, and all of these things? Because of Catholicism's amazement at the value and dignity of every human being, the cardinal said -- an amazement that is reflected in from one perspective could be considered an ode of the church to the beauty, the value of every human person," Tagle said.

In fact, he explains, “when we take the Lord’s Word and His example seriously, we, as Church, become more human, and the encounter with Jesus becomes also an encounter with human beings.”The Archbishop of Manila stresses that the resource of the Church in Asia resides in fact in the “suffering of many Asian martyrs, of the simple people who know in a mysterious way the fortitude that only the Lord can give.” And he adds: “Unfortunately, in a Church used to great numbers, there is faith but there is also the temptation to depend on privileges, whereas in a minority Church, there is only the Lord.”However, Cardinal Tagle says there is another good reason to hope in the future of the Church in Asia: “the presence of so many children, on average a young population.” He gives the example of the Philippines, in whose Churches “there are many, many youngsters.” And, “where there are children and youngsters, there is a future! None of us, he admits, is immune to the call of idols.

Therefore, it is important to make a daily examination of conscience to see “what my idols are, what they have commanded me, and what I have obeyed.”Moreover, for him every day is a harbinger of “a surprise,” because, the Cardinal reflects humbly, he almost “cannot believe that the Lord called a person like me to be a priest, a Bishop and now a Cardinal.” However, “in the mystery of this vocation, I am also certain that my hands do not work but rather those of the Lord.”The figure of a Saint that constantly “points the way” to Cardinal Tagle in his ministry is that of Saint Joseph.

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