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I always looked for a page to meet other tall people. » hello my name is doron love sport and trading high power of body to make 100 power of traning evening yoga and east sport jodo and more at erley morning before start sunshine runung and if best ever sport meeting women s…

» Well I really do not get it why in every site dedicated to tall people so many short guys register.

"Puppy Love" Jason and his friend Lenny "fall in love" with the most dominant woman they ever met.

"Growing Pains" Jason goes through highschool while dealing with the fact that his girlfriend outgrows him in all respects.

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(The story is published in the forum, and has a few rendering, but it is a text based story.) "Elevator Robbery" A very short story about an unusual robbery in an unusual place.

"Babysitting Kate" Nineteen year old Jason is hired to babysit fourteen year old Kate, who proves to be too much for the would be baby sitter.

"A Friendly Game of Tennis" Jason gets punished on a tennis court by a young tennis player which finds a special way of dealing with his rudeness.

Text stories by other authors: "Ben and Jill" By Helplesscase Ben and Jill start going out in high school, but by the time they go to college their relationship changes.

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