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Personal Testimony I was first exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the teachings of a Godly mother.Urged by my mother to attend church with two other brothers and sisters, I did obtain some limited background into the nature of the Christian life.King has since taken up the family legacy of advocating for all to have human dignity by speaking on behalf of the unborn’s civil rights.King began her testimony by giving the audience a glimpse into the attitude around abortion during her parents’ time.My doubts about Scripture and God Himself, my fears, worries, temper, disharmony at home, and my inward dissatisfaction all led me to further doubts about the “game” I was involved in with so many other people who likewise shared my confusion.Finally, during the first and second year in seminary, the Lord led me to a very simple, but profound spiritual reversal."This court finds there is no Constitutional barrier to the use of the defendant's civil deposition testimony."The release of the deposition testimony last year prompted prosecutors to reopen Constand's 2005 criminal complaint.

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Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill concluded Monday that Cosby never had a promise from prosecutors that he could never be charged."Because there was no promise, there can be no reliance on the part of the defendant and principles of fundamental fairness and due process have not been violated," O'Neill wrote, following a lengthy summary of his conclusions of law.

Cosby has not been charged in any of these other accusations, due to statutes of limitation in other states.

The judge's ruling provides another big win for the prosecution, which has repeatedly won on several pre-trial issues raised by Cosby.

A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that damaging testimony Bill Cosby gave in an accuser's lawsuit can be used at his criminal sex assault trial.

Cosby, 79, who is set to go to trial in June 2017, faces three counts of aggravated indecent sexual assault stemming from a 2004 encounter with Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who looked to Cosby as a mentor.

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