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“Fink is a jazz fan, and you can almost view these images in terms of musical composition – people in flow, surprising us, possessing an unconscious sensuality”, he adds.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in a progressive and politically active family, Fink cut his teeth as a photographer as part of the late beat generation, when he hooked up with a group of beats at the age of 17.

I hope this guide will bring you some hassle free planning on your future vacations in Asia.

For those hotels & resorts that I haven’t had the chance yet to visit, I personally made sure of their policy by either showing up at the reception, emailing or calling them directly and have included their answers in the description.

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now.. I don't even see him being older anymore but I'm sure people look at us weird when were out? I actually have 3 brothers older than him, so I have always considered him within my generation.

Please bear in mind that things change overtime and a guest-friendly Hotel can quickly turn into a non guest-friendly due to change of management so it could occur that some of these hotels may no longer be guest-friendly.

To avoid this, inquires about their guest-friendly status will be sent every year with the hotel mailing list I have created to keep tabs on possible changes.

Political activism, protests and marches formed the photographers worldview who documented the times through his medium-format camera.

His pictures serve as a time capsule and a candid look into his world, perfectly capturing the sense of romance and rebellion that characterised the underground jazz-fuelled youth movement of the time.

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