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One of April's fans tweeted: “I’ve literally been waiting for April the giraffe to have this baby for the past week...

What has my life come to…”April the giraffe has become a global internet sensation after upstate New York’s Animal Adventure Park started broadcasting a live stream of her pen.

The partnership with Apple Music suggests it will probably be exclusive to this service, at least initially.

In the past, skydivers have leapt from planes without a parachute and had one handed to them in mid-air by fellow jumpers.

James Blake has heard some of the new album, and has teased that it's worth the (considerable) wait.

Possibilities for the live stream include Frank coming out and performing tracks from the new album or, perhaps more pleasingly, streaming it to an empty room.

"It is not a predictable thing but all the physical signs hint towards the end of pregnancy, which means we could see a calf today, tomorrow or a week from now.”A recent update from the zoo said: "April continues to progress.

Many viewers have noticed the increased tail raising -- which is due to pressure - from what - we don't know yet!

Despite millions of people waiting in suspense for the birth of the baby giraffe in New York, the young calf has still not been born yet.

“We're talking about jumping without a parachute, and I take that very seriously. The net, measuring 100ftx100ft, is sufficient to break his fall without bouncing him back out of it.

Over six months of training and preparation, it has been tested multiple times using dummies, though not always successfully: one of them smashed right through.

"It also has to be said that Savile's victims who gave evidence to this inquiry will find it upsetting that a report of this nature and sensitivity has been leaked in this way." A statement on the Dame Janet's review website expressed disappointment at the leak of the draft but said it was out of date.

According to Exaro, Dame Janet says in the report: "My general impression is that most staff (other than those who had been in the higher echelons) felt that the management culture was too deferential and and that some executives were 'above the law'." The BBC's "talent" was held in "awe" by most staff, who treated them "deferentially", she said, adding: "It would be a brave person indeed who would make a complaint against such a person." The draft report also outlined the extent of Savile's sexual activities, which it said "took place in virtually every one of the BBC premises at which he worked." The locations included the BBC Television Theatre, while on set for Jim'll Fix It, Television Centre in connection with Top of the Pops, and Broadcasting House, where he worked for Radio 1.

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