The proper etiquette of a woman dating in the 1930

""I feel like it's really inconvenient when Cousin Joe drops in. ""Fuck Mary Jones, I taught her everything she knows about candlelight suppers." It takes a genius to make an impression in run-down heels and an unbecoming hat…

This 1930s set of dating tips doesn’t have any opponents.Most of us know not to place our elbows on the table or chew with our mouths open.Those are really the only “etiquette rules” we observe in our daily lives.It was a different time you’ll say, different people, different customs, and even though we might agree, we still find these “rules” extremely hilarious.They might be strongly offensive -as some of them prioritize the needs and thoughts of men against those of women, a 2015 person who looks at these photo strips and reads their captions, can have only one reaction; laughter.

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