Tips dating independent women

Did you write her off, assuming she didn’t have room in her busy life for you?I can’t speak for all women, but I can tell you that this independent woman makes time for the people who are important; family, friends, and the man in my life.You have a successful career, close friends and hobbies you love.Question But is it possible that your life is great; that all these wonderful things have filled it to the brim and left little room for a partner? My sister met her husband playing soccer, and my best friend met hers at the market, so why can’t I meet mine the same way?I'll be the first to admit that women are certainly complex creatures.Within our heads are constantly moving parts that are planning ahead, reflecting, which may make relationships difficult sometimes.But not for long, because I don’t give up or give in easily. I enjoy the vibrant life I’ve created, but it’s not yet complete.I’ve slain many dragons, most of them way before my divorce.

If you want something sugarcoated, you should probably go get yourself a cupcake, cupcake. Don't expect to carry on a relationship solely through text messages. Any juvenile attempt to make her jealous by talking about or posting photos with other women will backfire. They expect honesty and commitment from you, but they are more than willing to return it with the same fierce passion they apply to every other aspect of their lives.

If anything needs fixing around the house, you can handle that too.

When your car breaks down, you know just where to go for the best service.

But as a severely independent woman, alone time is about as vital as oxygen and water.

It gives me time to think and do the other things that make me feel like the an autonomous human being. There may be an exception if something crazy happens while I'm sneaking through the Netflix series we are watching together because you're gone.

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