Tom tom gps never need updating

Just as advertised, when the unit arrived I turned it on and it knew exactly where I was.

I set my home location and was excited to use my new Tom Tom GPS.

You will always have access to the best route available based on accurate, real-time traffic information that gets you to your destination faster, every day.

Tom Tom also makes action cameras, GPS sport watches, fleet management systems, and location-based products.

I have lived in the Boston metropolitan area for over 10 years and have acquired a minimal ability to reliably transport myself to and from only my most often visited destinations.

I can get from my apartment to my favorite pub and the grocery store; however, add in a third stop and my navigational ability disintegrates.

FREE MILESDownload Tom Tom GO Mobile and drive with the app for a fixed number of free miles every month.

Upgrade to Unlimited Navigation to drive without miles restriction.

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