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An air marshal I know carries a P229 Sig Sauer, calibrated for a .357 Magnum round, for its stopping power.I wouldn’t say that’s standard, but this particular one told me that.

Why you shouldn’t watch the show on A&E called Fit to Fat to Fit Putting the “sugar is toxic” debate to rest I interviewed the star of the new Point Break movie about his workout regimen I answered the question: Is it really healthy to go vegan?

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To see my latest Ask Men articles visit my author page on their site. free weights How feminism made me a better man Is there a sexism, / racism problem among paleo dieters?

The role of willpower in weight loss So you want to move to Canada? How life-changing decisions can help you get in shape. Butter is not a super food, and the Bulletproof diet is stupid Why I get a flu shot every year There is nothing wrong with doing the elliptical trainer Why so-called “adrenal fatigue” is bogus Weightlifting IS better for fat loss than cardio The importance of being yourself. The benefits of being a hybrid athlete My top 50 health trends for 2014 in the Ask Men Pulse Report Interview with Special Forces trainer Tony Schiena Why you should be doing hip thrusts Exposing Dr. How motivation really works If you struggle with your weight, if you want to be fitter, stronger, faster, more muscular, have less pain and more energy, then nothing is more important to achieving these goals than having the will to make it happen. Understanding metabolism to lose weight The question of how to lose weight is tricky, but I can clarify some aspects of metabolism that will allow you to plan your caloric balance to achieve fat loss. The case for working out at home When I first gave up my gym membership, I thought I might miss the spandex-clad females, but as I edge closer to the half-century mark, it seems as though I’m finally gaining some maturity. How to make your workout more efficient I don’t care what it is you do to work out. The ten fitness commandments I live by Fitness isn’t just a means to an end for me.

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