Truth lies and online dating

No longer are your recommended matches likely to be living in their parent’s basement at 42, nor do most of them have a profile picture that’s an awkwardly posed topless selfie in the bathroom mirror, socks visibly pulled up towards greying underwear.

Moving on, internet dating has experienced something of a renaissance recently; it’s even been claimed that one in five marriages across the world started online. The temptation to smooth out the 'rough bits' in our personal profile with some innocuous white lies is irresistible. In my own online dating experience I would always have long pleasant chats with a series of charming men only to balk at the idea of meeting them in person.

Several technological components are covered as well as the mechanics of online dating services and how to put the search engines of those services to work to find the best dates.

Tips on reputable online dating services, how to try services before subscribing to them, the importance of honesty and awareness of fraud are all covered.

He has written extensively on PC use since the late 70s and was a columnist for PC Magazine in its earliest days.

He went on to publish the first magazine on desktop publishing, Personal Publishing, in the mid 1980s and to write three of the first books on desktop publishing.

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Good Time Networks shows include Good Time Wine, Camp U. Her Web site reviews, commentary, short stories, and shoes!

Most recently he has authored PC Magazine's Guide to Media Center PCs (Wiley, October 2004, Bookscan: 194 YTD) and Building a Home Entertainment Network (Que's Intel Digital Home series, Forthcoming: March 2005).

In 1995 he co-founded the first online digital photo service for America Online, Picture Place, an AOL Greenhouse Venture.

Fifty-three percent of American people surveyed said they lied in their online dating profiles.

How in the world are you supposed to discover your TRUE match when what is being put out there isn't true?

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