Tv show tracker app not updating

Whenever there is an issue with the app crashing or not updating properly and I contact the developer, he responds promptly with an answer for why the issue is occurring. I'd love to see a grid like display as an option in the settings instead of the banner display, and an archive type deal for the shows I've completed watching that is no longer continuing..that's just me being nitpicky. I started with the free version and quickly decided the paid app was well worth the money spent!

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Compared to i Phone, I rather enjoy browsing the TV Show meta data on i Pad instead. Also included in this update is an alternative homepage layout on i Phone.A button in the upper-right corner pulls up a page of options that let you determine when you get notified about upcoming episodes (with choices ranging from an hour beforehand to a full day after), and which shows you get notified for.Both the queue and the calendar screen allow you to see more details about a given episode or series.60Hz, the TV tracking app we’ve previously covered, has received a massive update to version 4.0 today, introducing a completely redesigned interface and many new features to help you find new shows and keep track of your current library.While version 3 maintained much of the same functionality as version 2 with a fresh coat of paint on top, the newest release has rethought the entire application completely with great results.

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