Ubuntu ddclient not updating kuwait international dating site

For some reason I am not getting my IP address updated at dyndns from my ddclient program.

Works with # ssl-library Thanks for getting me to look closer at what the warn was, I had not looked at /etc/seperate, was just looking at the /etc/ddclient/

My latest problem was something that Name Cheap does not show in their Knowledgebase example but was something I remembered having to do before.

That is that I have to put a comma between the Host Names that I want updated (The name that comes before the Domain Name).

Because of this, Open DNS Dashboard is showing old ip address and only after 5 minutes, if i do screen refresh or i have to click on (update this dynamic ip to - 2 green arrows in reverse direction) option in Open DNS dashboard.

ddclient is not caching the current ip address during ubuntu boot process. Configuration of /etc/# Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf # # /etc/daemon=300 use=web, web=myip.protocol=dyndns2 [email protected]='password' opendns_network_label # Configuration for ddclient scripts # generated from debconf on Tue Dec 27 IST 2016 # # /etc/default/ddclient # Set to "true" if ddclient should be run every time a new ppp connection is # established.

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