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We show in a rutile provenance study from young orogens (Bhutan Himalaya and Canadian Cordillera) that the sensitivity of our analytical set-up allows dating of ~ 90% of rutiles in a sediment using a 50 μm laser ablation spotsize within samples containing rutile as young as 10–20 Ma, and obviates the requirement for U concentration pre-screening, thus reducing or eliminating rutile selection bias.Unsuccessful analyses are due to poor quality rutiles with predominant common Pb, Pb-method’ (using the Tera-Wasserburg diagram) to correct for substantial common Pb in very young and/or very low-U rutiles, rather than developing an on-line correction.U-Pb zircon isotopic studies of a representative granite type and a pegmatite-aplite belonging to the post-kinematic Sveconorwegian monzogranitic Bohus granite show that a part of the zircon material has preserved isotopic characteristics of the protolith and consequently yields erroneous ages.

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Characterisation includes ID-TIMS and LA-ICP-MS UPb dating, imaging, and trace element analysis.The investigation of accessory zircon has become a primary tool of petrogenetic studies.Not only can zircons survive erosion and crustal melting and thus store information on the protolith, but zoned zircon crystals can also record discrete stages of growth that can be correlated with geological events.Crystal fractionation and restite unmixing from this crystal mush, together with differential partial melting, were the principal magmamodifying mechanisms during the generation of the Bohus granite massif.ABSTRACT: The Rb-Sr beta-decay dating system is one of the most attractive tools in geochronology, as Rb is sufficiently abundant in common K-bearing minerals like biotite, muscovite and K-feldspar.

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