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Spyware is similar, but generally sends back information from your computer back to the people who control the program.

They may come attached to free screensavers or other useful software, or you might get a warning about a "problem" on your computer with a request to "click here" to fix it.Fortunately, there are methods for getting rid of adware and spyware.One method is to use a good antimalware program such as AVG Anti Virus v8. AVG Anti Virus v8 protects against viruses, adware, and spyware.Downloading Ad-Aware Installing Ad-Aware Updating Ad-Aware Running Ad-Aware Community Q&A If your computer has slowed down quite a bit, crashes a lot more than it used to, and seems to put out a constant stream of pop-ups and ads, chances are good that your computer is infected with "adware." Adware is a term for files and programs that get put on your computer without your knowledge or consent, in order to display ads to you.Adware not only slows down your system, it can sometimes create a security risk.

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