Updating emule

Now click on the “list” and the question ” Create a new file ?” You do so and you will create a new file called .If you have worked with e Mule before you should choose wether you are more comfortable with the installer or the binaries. Follow the instructions below to install or update your e Mule depending on your use of installer or binaries.When updating e Mule please backup you entire e Mule folder or atleast the config folder.Connecting to a bad ed2k server can have some nasty consequences.They monitor your activities and report to anti-p2p outfits.Both clients will compare their working servers and update their lists accordingly.Note: The later two will keep the server list updated permanently. This command sends you a message with server list URLs.

If you have any questions regarding what I wrote please make a post on this thread and if you have any comments please post on this thread or PM me. This post has been edited by birk: 20 November 2005 - PM Hi! If you are interested in keeping other peoples credits with you then you also need the file. [/EDIT] This post has been edited by Mainframe Guy: 18 November 2004 - AM i was using win98se but i switched to xp pro.A server list update in e Mule is only need for a first contact to the network.As soon as e Mule is connected to a server it offers intelligent features like Client to Client Source exchange to find sources or automated updates to the known servers. Checking this option, e Mule will update its server list from the URLs provided in the at start up. o Update serverlist when connecting to a server e Donkey servers know of each other to a certain extent.Now go to Options / Server and activate only the following boxes: - Automatically download the server list to ‘ start - Check the connection ID Low - Secure Connection - Use priority system Also in this window , under ” Remove dead server after ..” enter the value 10 , so that a server is down for more than 10 times it will be automatically deleted.

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