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What may have been a 10:1 server to technician ratio several years ago has now changed, and enterprise sized server farms of several hundred machines are managed by just a handful of people.Simply put…if you can build it faster, better and cheaper, someone will take notice and expect more.Usually users are asked to test them in order to confirm that certain bug is fixed.Once the patch is saved in Once the patch is applied build OSCAM like you normally do, test it and post the results.Now, aside from finding better ways to manage your hardware, using tools, monitoring processes and other fun IT stuff, one of the biggest headaches IT has to face is keeping your machines up to date. When it comes to patching, Microsoft has the edge by far.Regardless of the number of patches Microsoft puts out every year, being the popular operating system that it is, it gets pretty good support from the industry when it comes to facilitating patch management.

If you want to build OSCAM for different system than yours, you probably should take look at OSCAM cross compilation page.

Overview With the advent of ever-evolving technologies like SANs, virtualization and server consolidation, data centers are glowing with even more shimmering lights, and humming from the buzz of smaller form factor stand-alone servers, farms of virtual machine servers and rows of blade centers.

The ease of using server templates, cloning and automated installations have definitely had a great impact on the number of servers you end up managing today.

If your distribution do not have pcsclite installed you have to install it from source.

The installer and the portable version are described in detail below.

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