Updating image android

First time when views is not created, it generates image cache key with screen Width x screen Height.

And when views already created, it generates a new image cache key view Width x view Height.

Google rolls out Android updates slowly, even to their own Nexus devices.

It may take weeks before an over-the-air update becomes available via the System updates screen, but you can skip the wait.

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So then, considering this values make this "bug" happens more frequently (actually it could happen before too but very rarely).It won’t give you a new chance at an update every time you tap it.) In the past, we used a trick that allowed us to reset this process, skipping to the front of the line and getting the update immediately by clearing the Google Play Services app’s data.This no longer works at all, and it can cause other problems on your device. Google provides official factory images for their Nexus devices.in this way we avoid to start the whole process if the url to load is the same.this avoided the flickering problem and helped to save few cycle of cpu in the main thread (every saving is good). The reason of flickering is that Image Loader defines actual size of Image View by default.

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