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can be created with reference to an ODBC datasource defined on the workstation or directly using a connection string.The following example connects to the PUBS database on a locally installed copy of SQL Server using the system administrator username and password.Fox Pro forms behave in a similar fashion with client-server remote views as they do with local views and local tables.Care is required to manage the retrieval of the data and updating using table buffering but, otherwise, the behaviours of the cursor is the same in all three environments.We cover the basics of using MTS and then extend it to using with Visual Fox Pro Component Object Model (COM) Components.This document is intended to be used with the Microsoft Power Point® slide show included with the Visual Fox Pro sample files.

TIA, Jonathan Jonathan, Although I've never tested it myself, but I would also assume that if you do the statements as logged statements, you should be able to do log backup. However we are using the 'WITH LOG' clause which SQL BOL states 'Logs the inserted text, ntext, or image data, which aids media recovery.' Is this not so?I expected that this would enable us to backup log - what we really need is point in time recovery, also DB is way too big to back up during day. log is backed up after the VFP insert, although it is pointless at the moment.Transparent access to many different types of back-end databases has been a promise of Visual Fox Pro’s view technology for a number of years now.However it was not until recently (over the last year and a half) that I personally was able to test this ability of Visual Fox Pro in a real world application.

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