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You would do better to have a method which calls the random generator and resets the text in the JLabels whenever those actions are performed.Same object, different state (unless you happen to get the same dice twice).You should never call sleep(), or perform any other time-consuming operation, in an event handler. My question is, how do I access and update the j Label component on each j Panel in the ..problem could be anything - you would need to post a working sample program that demonstrates the problem, so we can see exactly how you have it put together.While an event handler is running, no other GUI processing -- which includes other event handling and all painting -- can occur. one possibility is duplicate declarations for label. the one you see on the screen is not the one your 'dynamic' code is changing You could wrap the array in a wrapper class, and make that class fire events.Here are the pertinent parts of the code: performed on the event dispatching thread.This is an example of a common requirement - that of performing an intensive, periodic task, using both a timer and worker thread.There's a bit of awkward syntax that we've glossed over, but which it's important to get used to for Swing programming generally.Essentially, we use an anonumous inner class to define our "job"— more specifically, an implementation of the But usually, it's a bit tedious to have to write a separate class definition for every pattern of update job.

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Code snippet is below Locale current Locale = new Locale(Country Local(), Country()); Resource Bundle messages = Resource Bundle(Constants.message Bundle, current Locale); messages = Messages(); String display String = String("101022"); int btn Width = Swing Percent((int) Width(), 10); int btn Height = Swing Percent((int) Height(),99); Button button OK = new Button(); button Preferred Size(new Dimension(200, 400)); button Text(display String); JLabel welcome String = new JLabel(display String); repaint(); Why are you changing the text on a button?Here are the relevant parts of code: Welcome to Java Ranch We usually discuss that sort of problem on the Swing forum, whither I shall move you.Please find the CODE button to maintain indentation; I have edited your post so you can see how much better it looks.In our introduction to threading with Swing, we said that any updates to the user interface must happen on the event dispatch thread.So from any other thread— in practice, that means code that isn't called directly from an event handler— we must specifically arrange for our GUI update code, and generally only that code, to be called on the event dispatch thread.

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