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A cookie can be used for a variety of things, such as storing your site preferences, remembering the contents of your shopping carts, and even saving your usernames and passwords to different sites.If you want to know how to enable cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer, just follow these easy steps.However, although we don’t recommend it, you can view the missing webpage content by tapping or clicking Run this time.This option runs the Active X control without updating or fixing the problem.So funny that this it first happened after i update to windows 10 for the first time(no internet at all), suddenly it cured itself but moved to my sound card (my bass enhancer suddenly sounded like some old geezer's voice), after fixing that now back to my wireless again, heck microsoft makes a living softcode inside their OS.

The browser has been scrutinized throughout its development for use of third-party technology (such as the source code of Spyglass Mosaic, used without royalty in early versions) and security and privacy vulnerabilities, and the United States and the European Union have alleged that integration of Internet Explorer with Windows has been to the detriment of fair browser competition.The fix is surprising because it also includes code for the Windows XP operating system, which Microsoft officially stopped supporting on April 8.Because the security flaw came to light so close to the end of Microsoft support of the still-popular operating system, the decision was made to aid consumers, said Adrienne Hall, general manager with the company's Trustworthy Computing section."Of course, we're proud that so many people loved Windows XP, but the reality is that the threats we face today from a security standpoint have really outpaced the ability to protect those customers using an operating system that dates back over a decade," she said."This is why we've been encouraging Windows XP customers to upgrade to a modern, more secure operating system like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1," she said.On March 17, 2015, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Edge would replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on its Windows 10 devices.This effectively makes Internet Explorer 11 the last release.

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