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Now, the thing is that my current driver version is "7335" and the latest seem to be "7432", and i'm a bit reluctant to update the driver since when it comes to drivers, i've learned that the classical "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"-saying is more relevant than ever (when it comes to drivers), the noise generated when muting sound is relativately minor, and i almost never use the built in speakers, so there almost seems like there is no reason to update.Does anybody have any input on whether an update would only be beneficial, or if it can possibly induce problems?De changelog van deze release geeft naast de gebruikelijk 'customizations' aan dat de drivers ondersteuning bieden voor enkele nieuwe codecs en natuurlijk wordt nu ook Windows 8.1 ondersteund.In reactie op weballey, Jammer genoeg veronderstelt PCGames op basis van de bestandsnamen dat de nieuwe Realtek R2.72 drivers niet meer geschikt zouden zijn voor Windows Vista en dat daarvoor de oude R2.71 drivers gebruikt zouden moeten worden.To fix errors in relation to the ASUS Realtek Audio Driver, simply download and install the required driver on your Windows PC.Knowing that driver-related issues are the cause of the problem is easy when an error message is displayed on your screen.

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If errors do occur, they can usually be fixed quite easily.(NVidia graphic drivers are a perfect example of new drivers possibly inducing problems.) I know at least the first issue (which i also gratefully found the solution for) have already been talked a lot about, not sure about the other, but after going through numerous threads and pages on this forum that have to do with this subject, i still feel pretty confused, hence the new topic. EDIT: Forgot about this thread, but i've had no issues to speak of after updating as of yet.when ever I install drivers I always make a windows restore point , so if the new driver is not as good as the previous driver I can easily go back to the original driver I had.I have a G751JT with Windows 8.1, and i have noticed the common problem with crackling after ~10 sec idling, and changing the "Power Managment" in Reg Edit seems to have solved that problem.I have another problem though: When i mute the sound while using my ATH-m50x headphones, i hear some (most often pretty faint, but still audible) "white" noise in the background, which disappears if i "unmute" again. I seem to have no problems otherwise (i don't use Maxx Audio or anything like that, only the regular Realtek HD-sound configuration "wizard", with no extra settings).

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