Updating remote servers with new website content

If you decide to install packages from these channels, follow the steps documented in the article called How to access Optional and Supplementary channels, and -devel packages using Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM)? Although the default configuration should be suitable for most situations, it is a good idea to become at least familiar with some of the more important configuration options.Note that for any changes to take effect, the web server has to be restarted first.We want extensions and apps to be autoupdated for some of the same reasons as Google Chrome itself: to incorporate bug and security fixes, add new features or performance enhancements, and improve user interfaces.If you publish using the Chrome Developer Dashboard, you can .

This section reviews some of the newly added features, outlines important changes between Apache HTTP Server 2.4 and version 2.2, and guides you through the update of older configuration files.The content is sometimes described as being pulled to the subscriber, as opposed to pushed with email or IM.Unlike recipients of some push information, the aggregator user can easily unsubscribe from a feed.RSS uses extensible markup language (XML) to structure pieces of information to be aggregated in a feed reader that displays the information in a user-friendly interface.Before subscribe RSS, users have to install either "feed reader" or "aggregator" applications in order to read RSS feed.

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