Updating transas navisailor

A Safebridge/Transas certificate will be issued upon successfully completion of this course.

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Ecdis manufacturers had been lobbying the IMO, through industry association Comité International Radio-Maritime (CIRM) and IHO, to delay the requirement to comply with new ecdis standards. The IMO sub-committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR) has extended the transition period for software updates to existing ecdis units for one year to .

The NCSR accepted IHO’s proposal to give all shipowners using ecdis more time to obtain the correct software updates to the new IHO S-52 presentation library standard.

The manufacturer approved courses for the latest version of the Navi-Sailor 4000 can be booked online for single officers on demand or be assigned from a fleet training package.

The new IHO and IEC standards will come into force on August 31, 2017 and will affect new installations and previously installed ECDIS.

A final onboard assessment will verify the required competence.The course complies with the requirements of STCW 2010 A-I/14 and ISM Code 6.3 & 6.5.Participants will need to have completed an IMO Model Course 1.27 Generic ECDIS course.The training and assessments are conducted in English.100% attendance to the course is required to be eligible for the course certificate.

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