Updating ubuntu without internet

Once all software package updates and installs have been performed, clicking the 'Finished' button will close Wasta-Offline and all 'apt sources' (listing of available software repositories) will be returned to their prior states.For Wasta-Linux users, Wasta-Offline will automatically be installed when you update your system.wget -c -c -c -c -c -c -c -c -c the folder in your Pen drive or any media.Open Synaptic package manager, On menu bar, click on File and select Add Downloaded Packages. Another method for installing downloaded files is to copy all downloaded files present in folder and paste them in /var/cache/apt/archives.

Could you possibly tell me how to proceed to install a program saved on memory stick or from a DVD?

This can be done using 2 different methods (they can both be used in tandem if desired): (such as Linux Mint Update Manager or Synaptic Package Manager) to perform the actual software package updates or installs.

Note that due to some unfortunate shortcomings, Ubuntu Software Center is not able to be used in the default 'Offline Only Mode', as it requires an internet connection to install software.

Open Synaptic package manager, search for the package (say xfburn) and mark it for installation.

A new dialog box will appear which will ask to mark for necessary dependencies. On menu bar, click on File, then choose Generate package download script option. Write the name of the file If the computer runs on Linux, just paste that file (xfburn.sh) on its desktop in some folder. Choose Run in Terminal and files will start downloading.

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