Updating xml clob in oracle catolic dating

Hi I am trying to load an XML file into a table called test_2 using SQLLOADER. Record 1: Rejected - Error on table TEST_2, column TYPE.Initial enclosure character not found My control file is like below: OPTIONS (SKIP=3) LOAD DATA infile 'listfile.data' TRUNCATE INTO TABLE test_2 TRAILING NULLCOLS ( --from the input file--- dummy filler terminated by " On a project that is working with XML?

For this reason, we'll concentrate on these in this article and provide some solutions to workaround them.

Required Support Files 8.1.7 is a required dependency of OO4O

You will need a sufficiently high version of mfc42.dll(v.

Refer to the " Oracle Class Libraries" section in this document for information on the C class libraries provided in this release.

Tom Kyte say how get varchar2 from clob in SQL or PL/SQL code

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