Updating your database development skills to microsoft sql server 2016

You can try SQL Virtual Restore from Red Gate or Apex SQL Restore from Apex SQL or SQL Virtual Database from Idera.

All of these are commercial tools but you can find fully functional trials to get the job done.

Although there are tools to generate convincing test data, it occasionally happens that the variances and frequencies within data cannot easily be simulated.

In such cases, the DBA should apply one or more of the obfuscation techniques described in this article, extracted from John Magnabosco's excellent new book, Protecting SQL Server Data. On this holiday, the young and young at heart apply make-up, masks, costumes and outfits and wander the streets in search of sweet treats from their neighbors.

Typically, both should be left enabled for databases.

Statistics are automatically updated when certain thresholds within SQL Server are met, i.e., the number of rows in the table increases or decreases by 10% of the number of rows the statistic was based on.

For example, if you are doing a review of a development database, there are a number of facts you’ll need to establish regarding the database, its tables, keys and indexes, in order to home-in on any possible problem areas.

Fortunately, SQL Server provides any number of ways to get at the metadata you need.

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See also : can also try some of the 3rd party tools that allow you to attach database backups and work with them as with live databases.

In the second part of Phil's series of articles on finding stuff (such as objects, scripts, entities, metadata) in SQL Server, he offers some scripts that should be handy for the developer faced with tracking down problem areas and potential weaknesses in a database.

Pretty quickly, if you are doing any serious database development, you will want to know more about a database than SSMS can tell you; there are just more things you might need to know than any one GUI can provide efficiently.

We will take a look at how the restore can be accomplished using T-SQL.

RESTORE HEADERONLY To determine what is stored on the backup files you can run this command in Query Analyzer.

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