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He's suing to block Alt from locking up rights to his or his legendary group's story. The feud began when Kanye announced he changed the name of his upcoming album to Waves, which Wiz took umbrage to and later tweeted something involving 'KK,' which appeared to set Kanye off but later admitted it was a misunderstanding as it was actually a reference to marijuana.TV personality Guests were treated to surprise appearances and performances by Trina, Mariah Lynn, Joanne The Scammer, Savannah Brown, Frenchie Davis, Margie Plus, Dyson, Clip Percussion, Dance Hall King Chrissy, Kap G, Jenzi Russel, Lexy Panterra, Twerk Girls, Saint Clair, DJ Duffey and DJ Carisma. I'm a journalist, blogger, makeup artist and mom located in Newark, NJ.I started this blog in 2012 with intentions of creating a positive platform for women to share conversation, and etc."I could do it again." And as she waits for the birth of her baby girl with Rob Kardashian, the star admitted that she's not afraid of what's to come. How Much Sex: Never one to shy away from asking honest questions, Amber questioned if her guest "always" wants to have sex. "I always looked at her as a very liberal, outgoing, fun blonde." Dr. Chris that she "would never turn my back on strippers ever. "I would say so-so," Chyna responded coyly without giving any specifics. I'll take it." As for Amber, she admitted that she can go a long time without having sex, especially if she is not in a relationship. "If I'm not in a relationship—like I'm not in a relationship now—I don't feel the need to go out and find someone to have sex with. WTF Pamela Anderson: Earlier this month, Pamela Anderson advised men to stop watching porn because it was a "public hazard" and for "losers." Let's just say Amber doesn't agree. I support the naked hustle and I suggest other people do."4. "If you don't like it, tell him don't f--king do it. "If it's not your thing, don't feel obligated to do it. Dating a "Normal" Guy: When Amber shared her struggles about dating in the public eye, Dr. Heard's dad, for one, sounds like he's gung-ho — surprise —about his daughter connecting with a billionaire.

(Only one available) 🕚 Open 11am to 6pm everyday @ 7030 SE Milwaukie Ave. Power of Pregnancy: Before digging deep into the topic of sex, Amber had to ask her close friend how her pregnancy was going. "No cravings, no morning sickness—thank God," Chyna shared. It's really interesting to turn your back onto it."While Chyna didn't address Pamela directly, she joked to Dr. "I tried to date a normal guy and guess what happened, they don't understand," Amber shared before imitating their questions. Chris Donaghue to have a few adults-only conversations on her podcast."I know every guy that Chyna has ever f--ked," Amber shared confidently in the latest episode of Play.it's . From discussion of sex toys and porn, to spanking and dating in the public eye, no topic is off limits during the conversation that is posted online now. Take a look at just some of the OMG moments we heard below.1. The M Word: When the topic of filming yourself having sex arrived, Amber offered an alternative: "Masturbate in front of the mirror." She continued, "I'm the queen of that…I highly suggest it by the way.

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