Use of oil painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating video dating situations

In the ancient Mediterranean world, drying oils were used in medicines, cosmetics, and perfumes.Scholars long believed they were first added to paints much later in medieval Europe.D., predate the origins of similar sophisticated painting techniques in medieval Europe and the Mediterranean by more than a hundred years.The discovery may also provide insights into cultural exchange along the Silk Road connecting east and west Asia during that time period.Buddhist murals from Afghanistan's famed Bamian caves are the world's earliest known oil paintings, according to a new chemical analysis.

In many European history and art textbooks, oil painting is said to have started in the 15th century in Europe.When Xuanzang saw the figures, they were also decorated with gold and fine jewels.The two Buddha figures, together with numerous ancient man-made caves in the cliffs north of the town, made Bamiyan a major regime had the statues destroyed, despite worldwide pleas to save them.Many people worldwide were in shock when the Taliban destroyed the Buddha statues in the Afghan region of Bamiyan.Behind those statues are caves decorated with paintings from the fifth to ninth centuries.

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