Using and validating the strategic alignment model avison

Results showed that while business-IT alignment was positively related to performance in all 93 small firms, the difference was not significant. Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits.

Measuring alignment and performance within business strategy types revealed alignment was positively and significantly related to business performance for Prospectors and Analyzers, but not Defenders. “Value Creation in Innovation Ecosystems: How the Structure of Technological Interdependence Affects Firm Performance in New Technology Generations,” Strategic Management Journal (31:3), pp.

2004), information systems-business alignment is fundamental to all organizations.

Strategic alignment, the integration of strategies relating to the business and its information technology and information systems, has always been of interest to researchers and practitioners.

“Assessing Method Variance in Multitrait- Multimethod Matrices: The case of self-reported affect and perceptions at work”. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 24 (1–2), 99–117 Bergeron, F., Raymond, L., & Rivard, S. Fit in Strategic Information Technology Management Research: An Empirical Comparison of Perspectives, Omega, 29(2): 125-142.

R., (2004) “ERP architectural/operational alignment for order-processing performance”. Ideal Patterns of Strategic Alignment and Business Performance, Information and Management, 41, 1003-1020.

International Journal of Computer Applications 101(7):39-45, September 2014. Bib Te X Despite the fact that the business executives remain doubtful about the strategic value of information technology.

The suggested survey questionnaires have to do first, with the alignment exist between the IT strategy and the company Business objectives; Secondly, the barriers on strategic alignment arising in those companies.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze how a firm responds to a challenge from a transformational technology that poses a threat to its historical business model. This paper presents a qualitative study on consumer adoption of mobile payments.

The findings suggest that the relative advantage of mobile payments is different from that specified in adoption theories... S.-based research attempts to understand the relationships between users’ perceptions about Internet privacy concerns, the need for government surveillance, government intrusion concerns, and...

In the era of accelerating digitization and advanced big data analytics, harnessing quality data for designing and delivering state-of-the-art services will enable innovative business models and management...

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