Validating dates in access

Examples: The Yes/No field in Access does not support Null as other databases do.

To simulate a real Yes/No/Null data type, use a Number field (size Integer) with this rule.

This article explains how to use validation rules, and concludes with some thought provoking on when to use them.

When you select a field in table design, you see its Validation Rule property in the lower pane.

The field names are self-explanatory in that the Start Date refers to the date at which a conference started or starts and the End Date fields refers to the either a future date when the conference will end or when it ended some time in the past.

There are a few ways to have Access insert today's date, but the simplest way is add a simple Date() function to the Default Value property of your table.Number = 0 Then If dte I am currently trying to validate data in an access database.I must start this posing by making the point that I am NOT a VB programmer and I'm something of a Newbie to MS Access.I can program in a number of languages (Java, Javascript, PERL, PHP and TCL) but have never actually learnt VB so my request is that you bear this in mind if you plan on replying to this post.My request for help is as follows: I have an MS Access database in which one of the tables within it contains two date fields called "Start Date" and "End Date" respectively.

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