Validating json stonehenge dating wikiepedia

Note that the default Mojo:: User Agent will detect proxy settings and have "max_redirects" in Mojo:: User Agent set to 3.(These settings are EXPERIMENTAL and might change without a warning) , unless you have coercion enabled. Enabling coercion might hide bugs in your api, which would have been detected if you were strict.Loading a YAML document will enable "booleans" automatically.

In such case Ajv bundle has to be loaded before the framework and then you can use global Ajv (see issue #234). The reason this library exists is because I initially needed JSON validation in a project.I tried to use some of the JSON Schema implementations that exist, but most were out of date.This library is intended to provide Ruby with an interface for validating JSON objects against a JSON schema conforming to JSON Schema Draft 4.Legacy support for JSON Schema Draft 3, JSON Schema Draft 2, and JSON Schema Draft 1 is also included.

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