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If you're unsure what a message means, click the "help" link next to the message for a fuller explanation.Despite its relatively simple nature, RSS is poorly implemented by many tools.For the Incredible XML Parser, I kept all the nice functionnalites from the old XML Parser that made it so popular and I added the following: To the best of my knowledge, there exists no other "non-validating C XML parser" that is as simple and as powerfull.😄 This is especially true if you need to parse large XML documents: In such a case, there are no parser that comes even close to the Incredible XML Parser presented here. Here you can find information about the parser, documentation, and download the parser files. I have done my best to keep it simple, to allow for simple learning and, most of all, to make it one of the fastest Delphi XML parsers available.Please contact me for notes, bug reports and questions.

It includes both full blown as well as lightweight parsers. I'll start with a comparison table giving a quick overview of all available libraires. Hence, Arabica has to be set up and built for one of the underlying parsers before use. Included documentation is sparse but there are a lot of external sites providing docs, examples, tutorials. For example uses Glib::ustring instead of std:strings. : For Win32, libxml 1.0 is better suited than libxml 2.x, due to a nasty glibmm dependency. Various third party SAX/DOM wrappers and language bindings. As usual for a Microsoft product, there are lots of high quality documentation and articles.This list is of course not exhaustive, but it claims to include all free parser libraries that have a significant user base, that are more or less actively maintained and that cover the most widely used desktop PC platforms, i.e. The following section gives some more detail, mostly based on my personal impressions and/or experiences on the Win32 platform. This can make the installation a bit fiddly and requires some additional time for setup. Very fast, low level XML parser for small or embedded applications or as a basis for higher level parser APIs. is a DOM-style in-situ parser written in modern C , which tries to be as fast as possible. [Direct link to the library file] "Light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C ." Pros and Cons (as advertised): The website includes a short documentation page including some code samples that illustrate the use of the library. This library is a minimum, easy-to-use, C implementation for xml file parsing.If you find any inaccuracies or want to contribute to this comparison table by providing a feedback with your own experiences, you are welcome to send me an email at [email protected] Arabica expat seems to be an interesting combination, both in terms of performance/footprint and ease of use. Claims to be a "seriously fast and small parser, [with] hassle-free integration". Libroxml targets mainly embedded software and environments, but you can use it whenever you need to deal with XML since libroxml is ligth and fast.Furthermore, I am now manipulating (inside Anatella) terabyte-size XML files.In May 2013, I decided that it was time for an "upgrade"! 😊 The Incredible XML Parser is composed of only 2 files: a file and a .h file. The Incredible XML Parser library includes three parsers: It has: The Incredible XML DOM Parser, the Incredible XML Pull Parser and the Incredible JSON Pull Parser can all process terabyte-size XML/JSON files in a few hours on commodity hardware with very low memory consumption (i.e. The objectives of the Incredible XML/JSON Parser are the same as the old XMLParser library: And, in addition, it provides even more speed & scalability.

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