Validating xml through xsd

if you do not want these suggestions to be displayed.

Note that errors of well-formedness (such as mismatched start and end tags), if such exist, are displayed prior to validation errors being displayed.

So the button will be enabled only when a validation error is reached (that is, after alll well-formedness errors have been corrected).

The XML document above consists of a root element, "shiporder", that contains a required attribute called "orderid".

The DTD is retrieved automatically based on the DOCTYPE of the parsed document.

XML schema is supported in a similar way, but requires an explicit schema to be provided: As described above, the parser support for DTDs depends on internal or external subsets of the XML file.It is also possible to specify an absolute location, but beware that you must use URL syntax, not Path syntax.Apart from the built-in DTD support in parsers, lxml currently supports three schema languages: DTD, Relax NG and XML Schema.At the end of the method a revalidation is triggered.command enables you to validate XML documents against DTDs, XML Schemas, and other schemas.

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