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If xml contains 'Geschäftsreisen' , then there is no problem of loading but when I display it, it shows like 'Gesch�ftsreisen'. Thanks Well the suggested "solution" is to fix the input you have.You will need to find out how the file is encoded and fix the XML declaration to properly indicate the encoding used to encode the file. NET APIs and you need help fixing that code then you first need to share the code you use.The ubiquitous nature of these exchanges means that sooner or later, developers will need to read and write XML documents, transform them with XSL, and validate them using XML schemas. This section will discuss the support in the Services Framework for working with XML in these ways.

As a result, many organizations use XML to pass documents and data both within the organization and between trading partners and vendors. XML is one of the most useful easier ways to store and transfer data. NET framework utilizes XML to store data and transfer data between applications and remote systems including local, intranet or on the Internet. NET Runtime Library contains many classes to work with XML documents. This class is an abstract base class for many useful classes for inserting, removing, and replacing nodes, navigating through the document. In this article we will explore XML classes and namespaces of . These classes are stored in five namespaces - System. It also contains properties to get a parent or child, name, last child, node type and more. Read String, Read Inner Xml, Read Outer Xml, and Read Start Element are more read methods. You can use Xml Data Document to read an XML document and generate a Data Set or read data from a Data Set and generate an XML file. Some of these methods are Move To Attribute, Move To First Attribute, Move To Content, Move To First Content, Move To Element and Move To Next Attribute. The following example in List 4 shows you how to use Xml Document class's Read, Read Xml and Save methods. The Xml Data Document is used to provide synchronization between Data Set and XML documents.

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