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‘People have told me that I don’t have the right to that name (‘evangelical’) any more as I’ve spoken in support of same-sex marriage, but for me evangelicalism is rooted in many things: loving the Bible; having a high view of scripture; a passion for social justice; wanting to share the good news about Jesus. So I don’t see why there should be a black and white issue that casts me out.’ I do not doubt Vicky’s sincerity and indeed share her professed love for the Bible, passion for social justice and her desire to share the good news about Jesus.

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It requires serious mental and emotional gymnastics to hold that oxymoronic statement together."She said many LGBT people will feel betrayed by the Church of England after they had agreed to share their experiences with more conservative members.

"I just haven't felt comfortable in them," she said in an Buzzfeed interview to mark 12 months since announcing she was a lesbian."I now feel I wear a label that I hadn't worn before.

I would be welcome to attend any evangelical church - as anybody would - but it's unlikely I would be allowed to do any of the things I used to do, whether it be speaking, preaching, or singing up front."Things suddenly feel very difficult and painful because you're welcome to a certain level but not beyond.

If we embrace our fallen condition and promote the effects of it (e.g., same-sex attraction), we’re idolizing ourselves.

We’re saying that our sinfulness is more important than our obedience to God.

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