Visio chat hot sur userplane

Userplane Web Chat for ATutor Read Me This is an enhanced version of the Userplane module. Salient features of the new module: Buddy List - Shows a list of online/offline friends in each course on an ATutor system.Notification Area - Manage all notifications like offline messages, friending/blocking activity etc with ease. Copy the downloaded file into the ATutor mods/ directory and unzip it there.Confgure SITE ID and API Key - a) Create an account on Userplane if you don't have one : b) Fill in the basic details and in the website field provide the url to ATutor system.

The App is easily and seamlessly integrated with existing user databases, login systems, and buddy lists through fast and simple XML and any web scripting language: PHP, . Power-Web Chat ASP Server Component has been developed for Active / Server Page.It is easy to integrate with the existing membership of social network or online community site.This is a fast web chat which does not uses any database.By modifying the sample asp files, one can build unique, create / designs and various chat interfaces design.And also by the various / function of properties and methods provided by Power-Web Chat component, / site builders can realize the chatting sites as they imagine, which site / will have many constraints in designing graphic user interface of / chatting...

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