Visual basic updating an xml dataset

This tutorial will show you how to connect Visual Basic Form to Access Database and retrieve records. Connection String = conn String End Sub Private Sub Find Button_Click(By Val sender As System. For example: you have Access database that has Items table: Also I have a Form in Visual Basic 2010: The user will enter a code then click on Find and the records will appear in the description, cost and price textboxes: In this example I use Microsoft Access 2010, and Visual Basic 2010.

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There is a similar My SQL C# tutorial, My SQL Perl tutorial and SQLite Visual Basic tutorial on Zet Code. Command Text = "INSERT INTO Authors(Name) VALUES(@Name)" cmd.

Add four textboxes, four labels and a button: I named the textboxes as follows: Code Text Description Text Cost Text Price Text and I named the button: Find Button Go to code page, and the following code before (Public Class Form1) line Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System.

OLEDB.12.0; Data Source =" data File = "C:\Users\Jimmy\Desktop\Products.accdb" ' Change it to your Access Database location conn String = provider & data File my Connection.

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