Vulkano epg not updating

In 1996, the founders of Monsoon Multimedia founded Dazzle, where they developed the PC hardware and software products to compress video based on MPEG standards.In 2000, they founded Emuzed, where they created a Ti Vo-type product for the PC based on Microsoft's Media Center Edition PC operating system.In the US, Electronic Program Guide (EPG) functionality is included so you can see what's on every channel, but this feature doesn't work in the UK.By adding storage using the USB, e SATA or SDHC card ports, video can be recorded, too. We've already touched on the lack of UK EPG (though we're told it's imminent), but when you go through the lists of compatible boxes to set up using the Vulkano's remote control with your box, you'll notice only one Sky box listed, and no Virgin.When you first plug in the device, it downloads the latest firmware for the box (letting me know I had a viable internet connection), after which it walks you through the initial configuration of the settings.The problem with this is that many of the descriptions make the assumption that you know what they mean. You end up guessing, or saying "I don't care" in your first pass through it.I have had ZERO problems connecting with my windows laptop, ipad, and iphone.

An IR blaster is included, so you can control your set-top box remotely.

The Flow unit is 16″ by 5″ by about 1″ high, and lacks any buttons or controls other than a reset button on the side – I’ll cover install & setup in the next section. The front left has the power/status LED on top: Green means good, variations of blinking or solid Red means it’s either in setup mode or having some issue.

On the front left edge is one of the strongest IR blasters I’ve ever seen (again, more on that later!

Multiple users can connect to the HAVA from any Internet connection simultaneously with channel-changing capabilities and full operation of the video source.

The devices allow a PC to operate as a personal video recorder with pause, fast forward and rewind functions.

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