What are the rules for dating courtship in nigeria

By Joy Ehonwa Engaged or thinking of getting married in the near or distant future?Here are 5 books you absolutely have to read to make sure you’re well equipped! The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman Even before marriage- in dating and courtship- it is a wise person who takes the insights this book provides very seriously.The two people aren’t “a couple” or “an item,” and they don’t refer to each other as a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” They don’t pair off. This is the kind of dating the Church encourages you to do after you turn 16.

Every single should own a copy, and heed the advice contained therein. What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married by Kay Coles James I’ve always said that if I had to choose only two books apart from the Bible to prepare me for marriage, this would definitely be one of them.

may be a little confusing, since nowadays it sometimes seems to imply something a little more serious than what we intend it to mean in relation to youth in the Church.

There are two different types of dating: With casual dating, there is no exclusivity.

This ceremony often occurs only a few days before the wedding.

The evening before the wedding day, the groom's family visits the bride's family again.

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